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How do you create a physical alert for virtual data? With a Raspberry Pi, a few electronic components, and some time, you can build a device that lets you know how much email your inbox contains. This course helps you explore the Internet of Things (IoT) through this fun sample project. Learn about the Pi, servos, building a case, and assembling a finished-looking project. Instructor Marc de Vinck explains what tools, software, and other equipment you need to get started, and then shows how to put together the hardware, code your device, and complete it with a simple enclosure and wiring. Plus, discover other things you can do with an email-triggered device, like automating tasks around the home.

This course was created by Marc de Vinck. We are pleased to host this training in our library.


  • Marc de Vinck New Product Development | Early Stage Funding | Go To Market Strategies | Business Development | Integrated Product Design & Marketing | Content Creation

    Marc de Vinck is the founder of Blown Fuse Labs LLC, an integrated product development and consulting company.

    Marc is also a professor at Lehigh University, where he codeveloped and teaches in the Master of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship program. In addition to his nearly 10 years at Lehigh, he has spoken at dozens of conferences and events throughout the country about product design, creativity, and experiential learning. Previously, he served as the director of product development at Make: magazine. Marc is also the author of several books, including Getting Started with Soldering; dozens of magazine articles; and hundreds of educational videos on prototyping with electronics.

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