IT Security 101 – Cyber Security for Beginners


IT Security 101 – Cyber Security for Beginners Free Tutorial Download


Over this course, we’ll be going over how to protect your organization’s computer network from any internal and external threats, whether this be from a technological or a human point of view.

Topics on the course:

* Preventing phishing and vishing (telephone) scams

* Checking common mistakes with security settings

* Security testing and the associated legal considerations

* Non-standard devices and preventing offline (face-to-face) social engineering

* Password policies and preventing credential sharing

* Alternative authentication, system patching and centralized reporting.

Also included are some real-world examples of situations where you might encounter the topics on the course, in order to help you identify these within your own organization, and be able to resolve them appropriately.

Who is this course for?

  • Existing IT support technicians who are wishing to learn new skills.

IT Security 101 – Cyber Security for Beginners, Free Tutorials Download

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