Java EE 8 RESTful Web Services Cookbook – Learn how to create complete web services

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JAX-RS is the industry standard in developing REST web services on the Java EE platform. This course will help you develop your own REST web services using Java EE in a solution-based approach. 

This is a cookbook style solution for developing REST web services with Java EE that will help you to be able to 

use JAX-RS to create modern RESTful web services on Java EE 8 to 
protect your REST resources with JSON Web Token (JWT) 
integrate dependency injection (CDI) into your RESTful web services 
use JAX-RS filters 
host Java methods as REST resources 
integrate the Java Persistence API (JPA) into your REST resources to 
implement caching in your REST resources 
host Java classes as REST resources
Create asynchronous REST services. 
Consume file objects in your REST services. 
Return file resources from your REST resources to 
send cookies to your customers from your REST resources and much more. 
This course will teach you how to use standard Java EE API to solve common challenges.


Producer: Udemy 

English name: Udemy Java EE 8 RESTful Web Services Cookbook 

Persian Name: Web Development Services Web Services Fully 

Language Learning: English 

Teacher: Luqman Saeed 

Level: Basic, Secondary 

Training Time: 6 hours + 30 minutes 

Size File: 1300 MB

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