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It looks really helpful, I will surely use those templates to showcase my own. I came here for java interview question but you reminded me that presentation skills are very imp to grab and opportunity and showcase the experience. Thanks a lot! – Hrishikesh Raverkar

So far the Best Java Web Dev Interview Prep course available on udemy! – Parth

All source code is available for download

Responsive Instructor – All questions answered within 24 hours

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If you are a Java Developer preparing for an interview then this course is for you.This course is for students who have taken my java courses  or any junior, mid level or senior java developers who want to crack java interviews.

Talking about You and Your project

Tell us about yourself

About Me Preparation Template

Your recent project

Common Core Java interview Questions

What are the important components of java

What are constructors

equals method vs == operator

final finally and finalize

What are generics


What are the different collection Types

ArrayList vs LinkList

Vector vs ArrayList

HashMap vs LinkedHashmap

Failfast vs Failsafe Iterators

How to create a Generic Class

Producer Consumer Pattern

Comparable vs Comparator

What are concurrent collections

Multi Threading

How to create threads

What is Synchronization

What are class level locks

What are synchronized blocks

How do threads Communicate



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