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If you think of a job interview like a test, wouldn’t it be good to go into the test knowing most of the answers? As with any test, a lack of preparation can cost you, and if you’re not prepared for an interview, it could cost you a job you’re otherwise qualified for. Interviewing is particularly important at the leadership/executive level, as there are far fewer opportunities the higher you rise. In this course, Sarah Johnston teaches you how to effectively prepare for an interview so that you can answer the most challenging and difficult questions. Sarah starts with pre-interview prep tips, like researching your audience so that you can build a strong rapport and avoid potential pitfalls. She then covers the most common types of questions asked in interviews and how to target your responses, and explains the importance of effective storytelling in your interview. Sarah also teaches effective ways to end an interview, as a last impression can be as important as the first impression.

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  • Sarah Johnston Executive Resume Writer + LinkedIn Branding | Interview Coach 💼 Former Recruiter —> Career Coach and Speaker | The Future of Work is Here™

    As founder of Briefcase Coach, Sarah Johnston offers high-impact career coaching to job seekers of all levels.

    A former corporate recruiter, Sarah got tired of seeing good people get passed over for opportunities. She launched Briefcase Coach in 2016 to help high achievers reach their career goals and full potential.

    Sarah has worked with all career levels—from C-suite execs to new graduates, including chief financial advisors, chief technology officers, vice presidents, chief operations officers, and more. But she works best with people who know where they want to go and just need help getting there. Her clients have landed roles at top Fortune 100 and 500 companies, including UnitedHealth Group, AT&T, Alphabet, and JPMorgan Chase. Learn more at

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