Kali Linux Unleashed Volume 1



What you’ll learn

  • Linux from Scratch to a pro level

  • Penetration Testing With Kali

In this course, i teach you on how to be a proficient Linux user from scratch assuming that you have no prior experience in using any Linux distribution.

Whether you are a beginner looking to become an ethical hacker, or you’re a student  who is looking to improve their security online and prevent attacks from hackers on your website or any other platform, then you are in the right place.

This course is focused on learning by doing. I am going to teach you how hacking works by actually practicing the techniques and methods used by hackers today. We will start off by creating our hacking lab to make sure we keep your computers safe throughout the course, as well as doing things legally, and once we have our computers set up for ethical hacking, then we dive into topics like:

1.Creating our Own Hacking Lab  – In this section we are building our own lab where we can perform our attacks from a variety of operating systems. We are going to use hypervisors to enable us simulate attacks acting like a real world target. In this section, this is what we are going to look at:

Downloading VirtualBox , Kali Linux and VMware work stations

Creating Creating virtual machines

Installing relevant operating systems in virtual environments

Basics in Kali Linux

Advanced configurations in kali Linux

Introduction to ethical hacking

Ethical Hacking stages

Introduction to ethical hacking

Hacking in Networks

End Volume1

Who this course is for:

  • IT administrators
  • Cyber Security Beginners
  • General Structure of the Course


Freelance Cyber Security Specialist

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I started off as a web developer back in the year 2017. I did some frontend projects and later dived into backend using php. I worked on full complete projects for some time and later decided to learn Laravel as it was becoming more popular. As i took my time learning php for backend, i also took some of my time to study ethical hacking as Information security was  my interest all the way from start. It became part of me and decided to get certified as an ethical hacker a nd thus i feel i have the capacity to take you through the course. I a m also a programmer, good in python programming and also a certified network security specialist. i hold some certifications such as CompTIA security,network,a+ and thus i feel i have the capacity to teach anyone cyber security. Apart from this, i am also a high school teacher teaching computer science and mathematics. I am also a computer science graduate a major in software engineering.

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