Lateral Movement with Infection Monkey Free Download
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Lateral Movement with Infection Monkey, FreeTuts Download

Lateral Movement with Infection Monkey   Free Tutorial Download


Unsure of whether or not configuration vulnerabilities are providing adversaries with a clear path of lateral movement within your environment? Or do you have untested controls you are “pretty sure” defend against lateral movement? In this course, Lateral Movement with Infection Monkey, you will learn how to configure and employ the Infection Monkey to test for lateral movement and network segmentation against known MITRE tactics. First, you will learn how to launch the team server and GUI client. Next, you will discover how to configure the Monkey against MITRE. Finally, you will explore how to how to identify the vulnerable network paths and interpret results for actionable hardening steps. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of lateral movement, network discovery, and credential compromise techniques needed to steps to proactively improve security posture against them.


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