Learn Bootstrap With Multi Purposes Single Page Layout Free Download
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Learn Bootstrap With Multi Purposes Single Page Layout, FreeTuts Download

Learn Bootstrap With Multi Purposes Single Page Layout, FreeTuts Download

Learn Bootstrap With Multi Purposes Single Page Layout – Bootstrap Tutorial 3 To create single page layouts

In the first section, I’ve completed the bootstrap 3 basics essential tags for you, so you could easily understand the bootstrap and could use it in making any kind of responsive theme. This section is composed of 44 video lectures that describe everything about bootstrap and in second section I have also made a theme with bootstrap for you.

I have made this multi-purpose single-page theme in the second section of this course using pure HTML5.0 tags and CSS3 properties with the help of bootstrap frame work to make it fully responsive.Often people use bootstrap for this purpose and the good thing The use of bootstrap types of frame work is that students can easily make any kind of theme responsive without indulging themselves in any complex issues. Therefore, I have made this theme to make the students fully expert over all essential HTM5.0 tags, CSS3 properties and bootstrap frame work.So I’m very hopeful that after joining this course and learning it you will get good control over making Any type of advance level responsive layout with the help of bootstrap.This section is constituted for 77 videos and 13 hours long.

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Manufacturer: Yudomi / Udemy 
Language of instruction: English 
Moderator: Mohammad Tahir Ahmed 
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary 
Time of training: 21 hours + 
File size: 2880 MB 

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Download Link Google Drive Download Link Google Drive 2

 Download Link OneDrive Download Link Mshare

Password : freetuts.download

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