Learn Camera Basics for Videos – A Beginners Guide Free Download
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Learn Camera Basics for Videos – A Beginners Guide, FreeTuts Download

Learn Camera Basics for Videos – A Beginners Guide   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class


Learning camera basics for making a video sounds over complicated? Well, not really!!

Are you the person who wants to start making videos but don’t know where to start. Do all the different camera setting sounds scary to you?

Then you have come to the right place, my friend!

In this class, I will break down all the different camera settings and I will go through in detail about all the terminology such as shutter speed, frame rates per second, ISO, Aperture, etc with real-life examples. Most of the time I will be filming outdoors and will take you to all different scenarios so that you can learn with me about how to apply different settings in your camera to film at different times of the day.

And by the end of this class, you will know all about your camera gear and you will be confident enough to film in manual settings and get the most out of your camera.  You would exactly know how to play with shutter speed, frame rates per second, ISO and aperture to get the best video output possible from your camera.

To make it simple, I have broken down this class into various different segments.

  1. An Introduction to video cameras – Lesson 4-8 will consist of everything you need to know while buying your first video camera. We will discuss the pros and cons of an action camera, point and shoot cameras and Mirrorless/DSLR cameras. By the end of this lesson, you would know what camera is good for you, if are thinking of investing in a good video camera.
  2. Camera basics in Depth – In lesson 9-14, I will go in-depth about the different camera resolution setting. I will explain the Shutter speed, ISO, Aperture, Frame rates per second and much more. I will also discuss how you can use all those settings in different scenarios.
  3. Real-life examples –  In lesson 15-17, I will be talking about how you can use all the settings discussed in real life and how those setting are interrelated to each other. I will show you how to film with and without camera filters. I will show you how to film slow-motion videos and how you can change the frame rates to get the best slow-motion video possible. I will also show a few examples of filming in low light and how you can use the ISO setting to get the best footage possible in low light.
  4. Introduction to Camera Lenses – In lesson 17, I will give a brief introduction about the types of lenses available in the market and which lens is the best for you if you are starting out.
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This class is built for beginners in mind. It is not about how to edit and film a video. You can check out my other classes if you re interested in learning more about filmmaking.

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So when do I see you in my class?

My youtube channel:  Let’s Meet Abroad


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