Learn DevOps Helm-Helmfile Kubernetes deployment Free Download
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Learn DevOps Helm-Helmfile Kubernetes deployment, FreeTuts Download

Learn DevOps Helm-Helmfile Kubernetes deployment   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • Learn deployment concepts in Kubernetes by using helm v3 and helmfile
  • Learn how to work and interact with Kubernetes orchestration platform.
  • Deploy Kubernetes cluster in AWS by using kops and terraform.
  • Learn how to use and adjust Helm charts version 3
  • Students should be excited and motivated to learn and understand Kubernetes.
  • Willingness to understand new concepts and Kubernetes paradigms.
  • Students should have some knowledge of command line (does not matter whether it would be Linux, Windows or Mac)
  • Should have PC or Mac (optionally some server they can SSH to and go through this course from remote server).
  • Create Free AWS account.
  • Have domain name in order to make Hosted Zone work properly. (Student can also find some free domain name providers)

The main motivation for this course was to provide students a comprehensive explanation of the applications deployment to Kubernetes cluster in AWS by using the standard called helm chart via helm version 3 and helmfile binaries. In order to achieve this goal, the course is using particular HELM CHARTS such as deploy:

  • Jupyter Notebooks as docker container locally and well as in Kubernetes in AWS,
  • create helm chart from scratch,
  • MySQL and Gogs (cool Github like web UI),
  • Jenkins from your own helm chart repository,
  • deploy Chartmuseum (helm chart repository),
  • Grafana and Prometheus from Chartmuseum,
  • Nginx Ingress Controller as LoadBalancer,
  • I will try to explain everything in practical context so everybody can put together thoughts accurate to her/his thinking process.
Who this course is for:
  • Anybody who wants to learn Kubernetes.
  • People interested in helm charts version 3
  • This course is mainly for people interested in DevOps related industry.
  • Anybody who wants to understand newest technology micro service like infrastructure.
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Download  Learn DevOps Helm-Helmfile Kubernetes deployment  Free

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