Learn Flask, A web Development Framework of Python


I am a Software Engineer, Data Scientist and have been coding since Grade 9. I have a tonnes of experience in programming languages like Python, C++, Java, Javascript, C# etc. I have made a lot of popular games using some of the most popular engines like SDL2, OpenGL, UNITY etc. I have made a lot of types of websites using FLASK, DJango, Laravel. Node JS etc . My goal in life is NOT to restrict knowledge to myself but to teach as much as hungry students so that they can also accomplish their life goals.

I love to teach the newbies and also the professionals. I always try to teach something new and in-demand topics to my students.  I teach with passion and purpose! Every course is delivered with my students in mind. I found that Udemy is helping those who want to learn so that’s why I’m here.

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