Learn How to Install IP CCTV Free Download
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Learn How to Install IP CCTV, FreeTuts Download

 Learn How to Install IP CCTV   Free Tutorial Download

This course is designed to train you to know how to install, operate and resolve issues with IP CCTV.

This training also include how to draw the floor plan of a building using Microsoft Power Point.

During this training you will learn;

1. How to install IP CCTV.

2. How to configure the NVR.

3. How to configure the IP camera alone.

4. How to set the system up on a PC if you don’t want to use an NVR using SADP and IVMS (software that comes with Hik-Vision NVR) which enables you to watch the cameras and NVR on a PC.

5. How to set the system up on a PC if the NVR is far from your PC

6. How to also use a PC to view any Camera with Safari (Web Browser).

7. How to do Remote surveillance.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Engineer


Download  Learn How to Install IP CCTV  Free

Go to Download Tutorials Page

Password : freetuts.download

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