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Hello, My name is Suraj Shinde.

I am a professional Software Engineer and Teacher, Actually teaching is my passion.

I have been working as a software engineer for a long time and I have also worked in some of the best companies in India.

As I said, teaching is my passion so I have also worked for some programming institutes in Pune, Maharashtra (India).

Now I want to share my valuable knowledge and experience using online courses.

My main goal is to help people by providing them good educational resources.

In my courses I like to teach in a very easy and simple way.

My courses are very informative, updated and well designed.

I think you have no prior knowledge but at the end of the course you will learn this subject very well.

I will try my best to offer courses in both Hindi and English languages on this platform.

All my courses start with the basics and then I teach some advanced topics.

My courses feature real-world examples with hands-on practicals without neglecting Theory and Basics.

Learn HTML5 In-Depth – With Real-World Examples, Free Tutorials Download

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