Learn JavaScript from Scratch – The Basics Beginner Course



What you’ll learn

  • Write Clean JavaScript And Do It Professionally

  • Add Interactivity To Existing Websitesy

  • Understand And Use JavaScript Based Frameworks Quickly

  • Use Web Building Tools like code validators, icon libraries, etc


  • Any Browser Installed (We’ll Use Mozilla Firefox Browser)

  • Any Text Editor Or IDE Installed (We’ll use Sublime Text for this course)

  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge would be nice

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world!

JavaScript used for creating dynamic action on your website. JavaScript gives your websites additional functionalities that can be executed on the user’s computer without re-connecting to
the server. Because of this, the user interface becomes more friendly
and more interactive.

In this course we’ll learn JavaScript in easy to follow way and we’ll write and launch number of code examples together. I’ll explain why the code we implement looks the way it does and we’ll go through the best coding practices.

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We’ll figure out how JavaScript works to add interactivity to your web pages.

We will cover a number of major areas in JavaScript like Variables, Arrays, Objects, Statements, Functions, Document Object Model and much more!
And of course we’ll figure out how JavaScript works together with HTML and CSS and where to place JavaScript.

This tutorial will take you step by step through the fundamentals of JavaScript. From knowing absolutely nothing about JavaScript to creating your first interactive websites from scratch.

Upon completion of this course you will know JavaScript perfectly and learning any JavaScript based framework will not be a struggle for you! You will be able to use JavaScript and do it professionally!

Who this course is for:

  • People Who Want To Learn JavaScript From Scratch
  • Students Who Tried To Learn JavaScript But Left Confused

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