Learn & master vue-js from scratch 2018 Free Download
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Learn & master vue-js from scratch 2018 1

Learn & master vue-js from scratch 2018 2

Download Tutorial Learn & master vue-js from scratch 2018

Are you a javascript / frontend developer looking forward to improve your fields ? Search no more ! Vuejs is the most popular javascript framework in 2018. Yes, it is, and it keeps increasing in popularity and more and more companies keep adapting it.

Vue-js is really EASY TO LEARN. In this short 5-hour course, I will take you from beginner to master in vue-js. I will teach you everything you need to be able to build applications with vue-js. After taking this course, you will have and know everything you need to build your own real world vue-js applications.

We are going to cover topics like

  1. Reactive vue data
  2. Displaying data
  3. Form data collection
  4. Displaying data sets
  5. Event handling
  6. Components
  7. Props
  8. Component reusability
  9. Asynchronous api calls
  10. JWT Authentication
  11. Login & Signup
  12. Pagination
  13. Loading state
  14. Error handling
  15. Frontend css frameworks integration
  16. Vue-cli
  17. Application deployment


You’ll build real world projects and solutions in this course to be able to build your own projects.

Go ahead and enroll into this course and start learning immediately. By this time tomorrow you can complete this course and add vue-js to your skill set.


Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner frontend developers looking to add a frontend javascript framework to their portfolios
  • Advanced frontend developers looking to add Vue-js to their portfolios
  • Backend developers willing to start on the frontend

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Learn & master vue-js from scratch 2018 3

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