Learn More Python the Hard Way Free Download
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Learn More Python the Hard Way, FreeTuts Download

Learn More Python the Hard Way, FreeTuts Download

Learn More Python the Hard Way – Learn more Python from the hard way

Learn More Python The Hard Way The LiveLessons Workshop will show you how to take 5 small software projects from concept to completion and demonstrate Zed Shaw’s process for producing software. 

This video takes beginners who know basic Python and shows them how to take a concept or idea and turn it into a work piece of software. The projects are small enough for you to complete in 1 to 3 hours each, on your own, after watching Zed do it. Each project will include a list of similar projects you can complete on your own and additional challenges to further your education.

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Info Tutorials/Courses

Manufacturer: Livelessons 
Language of instruction: English 
Teacher: Zed Shaw 
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced 
Training time: 5 hours + 14 minutes 
File size: 6880 MB 

Download Tutorials/Courses

Download Link Google Drive Download Link Google Drive 2

 Download Link OneDrive Download Link Mshare

Password : freetuts.download

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