Learn MySQL and Solve 42 Practical Problems Free Download
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Learn MySQL and Solve 42 Practical Problems 1

Learn MySQL and Solve 42 Practical Problems   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Understand basic statements of MySQL
  • Write MySQL statements to interact with database
  • know how to use MySQL database tool to connect to database
  • know how to join tables to address business problems


  • It’s good to have some basic understanding on Database but not required

WELCOME TO MY COURSE – “Learn MySQL and Solve 42 Practical Problems”

You can find more info here:  ldeng(dot)net/courses

Why this course?

There are a lot of tutorials out there talking about basics of SQL language and statements, which is good. However, a lot of times, just learning the syntax won’t bring you any further. That’s what I feel when I was learning SQL. I would like to find Quizs and Problems to practice on the knowledge I learned. Yet, often times, it’s difficult to find good problems to work on.

This course will first introduces the basics of SQL statements through MySQL, one of the most popular databases out there. If you are beginner, I definitely recommend you to go through this section. If you are seasoned developer, you are welcome to have a review. I encourage you to practice while learning those basic statements.

After that, you can jump into the more interesting section – solving problems. There are 42 problems divided into 3 categories, basic, intermediate and advanced. It will start with the very basics of SQL statements to make sure you understand what building tools and then moving to more advanced problems.

Almost every time, in an interview for a developer related position, there will be SQL questions. During those SQL questions, you will often face problems involving joining tables, a tough topic for a lot of people who has just begun with SQL. There aren’t many good practice out there and that’s why I would like to share in this course.

How to use this course?

In order to retain the knowledge you have learned, you will have to solve those problems yourself. You may follow the lessons to go through each of the problem, but you have to come back and solve the problems yourself. Besides that, to fight memory loss on what you have learned, you need to constantly come back to those problems to convert short term memory into long term memory, especially before interview. Not every key words or statement is covered in this course. You can always find quick tutorials and documents on it. The more valuable information is the practical problems and the process of solving it. I can provide you the former part but it’s you who act as the second part.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want’s to learn or enhance their SQL skills

Download  Learn MySQL and Solve 42 Practical Problems  Free

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