Learn Persian (Farsi) language- speak, read, and write Free Download
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Learn Persian (Farsi) language- speak, read, and write, FreeTuts Download

Learn Persian (Farsi) language- speak, read, and write Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Udemy #1 Best Selling Persian Language Course!
  • Start speaking in Persian (Farsi) right at the very beginning!
  • Learn more than 5000 common words in Persian (Farsi)!
  • Get 600+ pages of eBooks worth more than 100$
  • Read Persian (Farsi) texts fluently!
  • Write all the letters in Persian (Farsi) and the words you hear!
  • Make daily-life situation sentences and questions!
  • Pronounce Persian (Farsi) words and sentences like a native!
  • Access to FREE course updates!
  • Get instant support!
  • No requirements is needed. You can be an absolute beginner! Just be motivated and ready to learn!

** “This course really contains amazing and powerful practical stuff.” (Rana)
** “This is a very good course. Take this course. Don’t let the Farsi script scare you.” (Ruben)

Would you like to learn a new language with 2500 years of culture and history? Then Persian is for you! You will be able to communicate with over 110 million Persian native speakers all around the world. This course is a revolutionary method in Persian language teaching. Everything has made simple for you to learn efficiently and effectively. Don’t worry about the complexity of grammar anymore. Forget about the rules and just use it! In this method, you will learn naturally with a variety of techniques to exercise. And we’re always here to help you! In this course, you will learn to speak, read and write Persian simultaneously and you will learn hundreds of practical words, ready to be used in everyday conversation.

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The words are selected among from the most common words in Persian. We do believe that you can master this beautiful language in a very short time if you take this course. This course is designed in a way to make you autonomous in Persian language learning. Since you’ll be able to read and write at the end of this course, you can expand your both speaking and writing skills by the use of many other resources in Persian. Take this course today and enjoy learning it!

Who this course is for:
  • This course can be for anyone interested in learning a great new language. While beginners can start learning all the language skills simultaneously in this course from scratch, advanced learners who like to learn the most common words in Persian (Farsi) and develop their reading and writing skills can also benefit from this course.


DownloadLearn Persian (Farsi) language- speak, read, and write Free Download Free

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