Learn Primavera P6 Ver17 (in Detail in Easy English Steps) Free Download
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Learn Primavera P6 Ver17 (in Detail in Easy English Steps) 1

Learn Primavera P6 Ver17 (in Detail in Easy English Steps)   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Install Primavera P6 Latest Version
  • Create a Project, WBS, Activities
  • Relationships ( FS, SS, SF, FF ) and Leads/ Lags
  • Resourcing , costing, Critical Path, Network Diagram
  • Baseline, Printing, Importing, Exporting,
  • Resource Leveling, Crashing, Fast tracking, Negative Float
  • Reports, Issues, Thresholds, Expenses, Cashflows,
  • Progress Entry , S-Curve, Earned Value generation
  • Calendars, Global Change, Filters, Layouts, Spotlight, Curtains, Text
  • Notebook, Steps, Milestones , Activity Codes, Websites, Reflections, Grouping and Sorting
  • Look ahead plans, Level 1, Level 2 , Level 3 Plans


  • This course is for people who are already working on Projects. They have concepts of Project, Activities, Schedule , Costing etc along with Basic Computer knowledge

Course Contents 

1.Creating a Project 2. Customizing Calendars ( to adjust Working Days, Hours , holidays etc. ) 3. Create WBS ( Work Breakdown Structure) 4. Creating Activities ( Defining ID, Name, Duration, Activity Types ) 5. Setting Predecessors and Successors ( with Leads and Lags) 6. Computing / Calculating Schedule ( with Starts, Finish Dates , Floats, Critical Path , Total Duration of the Project)

7. View Network Diagram , Critical Path 8. Defining and Assigning Resources on the activities ( with Overtime factor, Resource Rates, Per day maximum number of hours ) 9. Defining New Currency ( e.g. Saudi Riyals ) 10. Showing or hiding Columns and Tabs 11. Showing Project Total Cost and Breakdown ( on Labor, NonLabor, Material wise and Activity and WBS wise breakdown and summaries) 12. Baselines 13. Activity Steps 14. Activity Codes 15. Grouping and Sorting

17. Filtering Activities 18. Renumbering Activity IDs 19. Suspend and Resume Activities 20. Defining Units of Measurements ( UOM) e.g. Kg , Cubit Meter etc) 21. Progress Spotlight 22. Global Change 23. Reflection 24. Import / Export 25. Printing Plans 26. Generating and Printing Reports

27. User Defined Fields and Indicators 28. Resource Leveling 29. Resource Histograms / Resource Spreadsheets 30. Progress Update and Monitoring 31. Generating and Showing Earned Values ( including PV, EV, AC, SV, CV, SPI, CPI, EAC, ETC, TCPI etc) 32. Text and Curtains 33. Issues, Thresholds and Risks 34. Expenses 35. Notebook

36.Look ahead plans 37.Handling Negative Float 38.Saving and Restoring Layouts 39.Creating Project Website 40.Defining EPS ( Enterprise Projects Structure) 41.Defining OBS ( Organizational Breakdown Structure)

Who this course is for:
  • Engineers , Managers, Planners, PMO Departments , Project Controls Departments, Consultants


Download  Learn Primavera P6 Ver17 (in Detail in Easy English Steps)  Free

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