Learn Python Programming: Step-by-Step Tutorial



What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Python Programming

  • How to Write Error Free Code

  • Problem Solving Techniques Using Python Programming

  • How to Create Real World Applications Using Object Oriented Concepts

  • How to Create Database Applications

  • Introduction to Data Science in Python

  • Search, Pattern Matching, Filtering of Results

  • How to Fetch Data From Web and Analyze it For Research

  • How to Create a Webpage Using HTML and CSS

  • Reading and Writing CSV and Excel Files in Python

  • Learn the most optimized way to write code

  • Data Visualization with Python

  • Create Your First Project



  • No prior knowledge is required

Upgrade your Career with the Masterclass in Python by Pramod Pal, designed at the Silicon-Valley of India – Bangalore.

The course that has been taking the IT district of Bangalore by storm is now online for you.

Be an experienced coder or just a newbie to Computer Science, this masterclass can zoom you to an effective level, step-by-step in matter of weeks.

After successfully completing the course you will be able to:

  1. Automate the monotonous actions
  2. Scrape the web to find what there on pages
  3. Create and handle databases applications
  4. Use it for your Data-Science projects
  5. Get initiated into AI & Machine Learning
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Upgrade from your current computer skills to launch your Python based career, conveniently, through this Master-Class.

We want to help you crack the code of the fastest growing computer science language –  Python – with fun.

What students have told us about this course.

“Nice course, Very well explained for beginners”

“Well explained. I am getting interest by learning this way.”

“Great teacher”

“This course is one of the top 5 Udemy courses and your teaching style makes you one of the top 5 Udemy instructors”

Who this course is for:

  • This Python language course is designed for everyone even non-technical person can enroll and learn.
  • Beginner Python developers curious about advanced Python Programming topics.
  • Programmers who wants to learn Advanced Python Programming
  • Students looking to build their career in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Development, Web Development, Game Development
  • Beginner Data Scientist
  • People who work in excel and want to upgrade their programming skill


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