Learning Electron: Build Desktop Apps using JS + HTML + CSS – Learn how to build desktop applets with electron, js, html and css

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Electron helps us develop cross-platform applications using existing web technologies. You do not need specific skills, for most cases, to develop apps with Electron. If you are a web developer and are interested in developing an app with Electron, then make sure you check out tutorials that will follow this article in this series. 

If you want your application to be available for all the platforms we talked about, you need to deploy your app using different technologies. This is very manual and time-consuming. Now, if we talk about Electron, it is obvious that this is a JavaScript-based framework. Because all the platforms support web technologies, Electron helps in developing cross-platform apps easier. Popular applications that use Electron include Visual Studio Code, Slack, and Atom Editor.


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English name: Udemy Learning Electron: Build Desktop Apps using JS + HTML + CSS 

Persian name: Learning to make desktop applets with electron, js, html, and css

Teaching languages: English 

Teacher: Haider Malik 

Level of training: Elementary, Secondary

Time of training: 6 hours + 

File size: 2740 M

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