Learning IBM SPSS Statistic

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Learning IBM SPSS Statistic – Training software for statistical analysis of SPSS

This video course consists of step-by-step software demonstrations geared towards introducing new users of IBM SPSS Statistics with this software. The first section focuses on what IBM SPSS Statistics is, what it does, who uses it, and how it is used. The section then introduces new users to the IBM SPSS Statistics user interface so that they can become familiar with windows, menus and dialog boxes that are part of the software. Finally, the first section discusses steps to analyze data and some of the typical analyzes users may perform.

The second section focuses on summarizing individual variables. Specifically this section discusses some of the reasons users need to summarize variables and which summary statistics are relevant given the type of data you are summarizing. This section also illustrates several procedures, such as the Frequencies and Descriptive Procedures, which assist in providing summary statistics, and we will show how to obtain confidence intervals. Finally, the Chart Builder is introduced so that users can create pie charts, simple bar charts, and histograms.

The third and final section of this video course shows users how to perform and interpret the results of basic statistical analyzes and graphical displays. Users will learn when to use different statistical techniques, how to set up different analyzes, and how to interpret results. The third section begins by introducing the idea of ​​inferential statistics and hypothesis testing, and then moves on to discuss independent samples of t-tests, crosstabs and chi-square tests as well as correlations. In addition, visual displays are created so that users can better present their findings by displaying error bar charts, bar charts with a mean, clustered bar charts, and scatterplots.

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Manufacturer: Pocket Publishing / Packt Publishing
Language: English
Teacher: Jesus Salcedo, Keith McCormick
Level of training: Preliminary
time of training: 3 hours +
File size: 482 MB

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