Learning Microsoft Whiteboard from Scratch


Microsoft Whiteboard is a team collaboration and a brainstorming application that lets you work with different sets of ideas as if you are using a real whiteboard. The application allows you to add and work with different elements and then easily share that out with other team members that you want to work with.

In this course, we will be looking at the different tools available in the application to start brainstorming and collaborating.

We will first start by looking at how to use the pen tool to draw on the whiteboard. We will then look at adding elements such as text, sticky notes, pictures, word documents, PowerPoint slides and PDF documents as well.

We will explore how we can save and export the files in supported formats.

We will also look at how to use application settings to turn ink to shape and table to create different shapes and insert out table on our whiteboard, followed by background settings.

We will then explore the different types of templates that we can use to make out planning and brainstorming process easier.

We will also see how to use the collaboration options so that we can share our whiteboard with other people and explore the ways on how other people can start contributing to the shared whiteboard as well..

We will then wrap up the course with an example project at the end.

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