Learning Path: Bash Scripting – Learn to script

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The Bash Scripting Learning Path teaches you everything you need to know about shell scripting, from novice scripting to advanced script analysis and scripting for performance. This course consists of 16 lessons that take you from Bash basics to advanced scripting concepts. Each lesson contains practical examples to show how scripting solutions are used in the real world. Each lesson concludes with an exercise, so you can test your own skills. A video explanation is also included so you can follow along and check your work. You will end the course by going beyond Bash and starting your first Python project.


Producer: Livelessons 

English name: Livelessons Learning Path: Bash Scripting 

Name of Farsi:Teaching Scripting 

Language Teaching: English 

Teacher: Sander van Vugt 

Level: Basic, Secondary 

Training Time: 9 hours + 48 minutes 

File Size: 7690 MB

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