Learning Path: Master Google’s Go Free Download
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Learning Path: Master Google’s Go, FreeTuts Download

Learning Path: Master Google’s Go, FreeTuts Download

Learning Path: Master Google’s Go – Learn how to master the programming language

Apply the incredible language to build web-scale, real-time systems and applications on your own 
Go is on the rise and showing itself as a powerful option in many software development domains. If you’re looking to explore in-depth and learn how to build real-world apps, then this Learning Path is for you. It introduces you to various programming projects ranging from command-line tools to distributed messaging services, web services, and web applications with Go running on the server side.

The Learning Path starts by demonstrating how versatile the Go language can be and how it can be put into a range of real-world programming domains, whether it’s for DevOps tools, cloud-based services, or RESTful web services. Interwoven with the projects, there are examples of best practices and design patterns, and techniques you can carry over to your own projects. The projects also show the key features of Go in action, such as concurrency, and will begin exploring the rich open source library and frameworks ecosystem that are constantly being developed for the language. You will also learn the concepts of a single-page web application and create a dynamic user interface using templates, manipulate a database, and use the powerful encryption algorithms to implement the authentication system.

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Manufacturer: Pakkt Publishing 
Language of instruction: English 
Teacher: Ankita Thakur 
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced 
Training time: 4 hours + 31 minutes 
File size: 984 MB 

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Download Link Google Drive Download Link Google Drive 2

 Download Link OneDrive Download Link Mshare

Password : freetuts.download

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