Learning Path: Scrum Practitioner Free Download
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Learning Path: Scrum Practitioner, FreeTuts Download

Learning Path: Scrum Practitioner, FreeTuts Download

Learning Path: Scrum Practitioner – Scrum Professional Training

This Learning Path includes Scrum Fundamentals LiveLessons, Advanced Scrum LiveLessons, and Lean Principles for Scrum LiveLessons. 
Scrum Fundamentals LiveLessons provides a helpful insight into the history of Agile and how its values ​​and principles can focus teams on consistently delivering quality products that instantly add customer value. It covers the full Scrum framework from project initiation and implementation Sprint to deliver a product increment. 

Many teams adopt Scrum’s struggle with how to manage requirements and integrate their quality assurance efforts into their Agile processes. Advanced Scrum LiveLessons provides a deep dive into both of these areas, exploring how to apply the Agile and Scrum values ​​and principles to avoid common pitfalls.

For companies that have implemented Scrum, applying Lean will amplify their Scrum implementations and development cycles. 

Lean Principles of Scrum LiveLessons will demonstrate how to apply Lean methods to Scrum.
Part I of this LiveLessons course covers Lean and Kanban principles and patterns to provide learners with a solid understanding of where Lean came from and an overview of its various principles. 

Part II of this course focuses on taking what was learned in Part 1 and integrating these principles into Scrum implementation.

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Manufacturer: Laylosens / LiveLessons 
Language: English 
Moderator: Tommy Norman 
Level of training: Secondary, Advanced 
Training Time: 14 hours + 16 minutes 
File Size: 8380 MB 

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Password : freetuts.download

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