Learning Path: SQL for Business Users Free Download
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Learning Path: SQL for Business Users, FreeTuts Download

Learning Path: SQL for Business Users, FreeTuts Download

Learning Path: SQL for Business Users – Learn SQLE for Business Users

Business users and analysts want quick, practical knowledge. Regarding SQL and database topics, they are more interested in how to use data rather than create it (this means SELECT statement is very relevant to them). As they progress they will likely want to know how to create their own databases, but only to a certain extent. The business logic of database design is likely to be what they are interested in. They may want to understand basic table design principles and a high level understanding of normalization. But security, administration, data theory, and other DBA / engineering tasks will probably not be relevant to them. Typically, when business users create a database for their business needs, they might hand it off to a DBA to put it into production if it is considered critical for the business.

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Manufacturer: O’Reilly / O’Reilly 
Language of instruction: English 
Lecturer: O’Reilly Media 
education levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced 
training time: 34 hours + 18 minutes 
File size: 6480 MB 

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