Learning to work with Emacs



What you’ll learn

  • Learn to use Emacs, Use it as a text editor, Terminal emulator, Web browser and more.

  • I will take you from the base, with a fresh default install of GNU Emacs.

  • You will learn to use Emacs as a text editor, file manager and terminal emulator.


  • Be able to install Emacs on your Linux distribution

Emacs is not just a text editor. Learn how Emacs can replace multiple programs and remain fast and efficient.
For Linux lovers to Sys admin, if you work in text mode, edit lots of file and are constantly in a terminal emulator, then Emacs is a tool you want to learn. You will do away with multiple external program. Plus Emacs operation with key binding is so much faster then operation with the mouse.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner or new with Emacs
  • Work with text files
  • Works a lot in terminal

Linux has been my passion for around 2 decades. At first, it was the fact that everything could be done from a command line. I never left the CLI, still to this day, I twitch when I have to use the GUI for a task.

I enjoy compiling ‘Linux from Scratch’. I find it a very good way to learn and understand how Linux works.

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I am starting a new venture of teaching Linux online.

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