Let’s Build Doctors – Patient Management Web App Together Free Download
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Let’s Build Doctors – Patient Management Web App Together, FreeTuts Download

  Let’s Build Doctors – Patient Management Web App Together Free Tutorial Download


  1. Java language


Do you want to learn how to develop a web REST service that is being used in a small company?

Do you want to enjoy while doing it?

We are going to have a complete frontend SPA client application waiting to consume our backend service. Every feature we develop will have an impact on our complete application. This is as close to a “real” application as it can get.

We are going to cover the Spring Framework. Starting from the Spring Core fundamentals covering the IoC container and the Bean concept.

Then we learn how to implement the Spring Security framework to our backend, simplify the whole SecurityContext, ApplicationManager authentication flow using simple diagrams as theory, and their implementation on the backend service.

An interesting section is when we develop our own small CDN. Here we gonna learn how to upload patient images to the file system, sync the image meta to the DB and edit them based on their resolution and aspect ratio.

We are going to dab at some asynchronous sending of emails too.

Hibernate will be our ORM of choice, here we are going to understand how Transactions work, how to define relationships between the tables, and dive inside the 4 states to which the entities can belong to.

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We stabilize our application by protecting it with tests. We are going to see what are the Unit tests and Integration tests. What is the difference and use them to ensure our quality is top-notch.

This course is deemed as hard. It needs dedication, perseverance, as it is packed with information in a timely manner.

Thank you for reading

Who this course is for:

  • Software engineers that want to develop a modern REST web service.

Let’s Build Doctors – Patient Management Web App Together, FreeTuts Download

Download  Let’s Build Doctors – Patient Management Web App Together  Free

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