Life Insurance & Annuity Ultimate Buyer ‘ s Guide



What you’ll learn

  • Understand basics of Life Insurance

  • Understand basics of Annuity

  • Understand differences between Life Insurance and Annuity

  • Understand Types of Life Insurance

  • Understand the application process of Life Insurance

  • Understand the death benefit claim in Life Insurance

  • Understand types of Annuities

  • Understand the application process of Annuity

  • Understand how to select an insurance company

This course can help you when you shop for life insurance or an Annuity. If you are planning to purchase a life insurance policy or an annuity contract, this course will help you understand the different types of insurance products that are available. Many are using life and annuity products as part of their financial planning goals. Many spend substantial sums of money each year on life insurance policies or annuity contracts knowing very little about what it is that they are getting. This course was developed to help make educated decisions and to help understand both the benefits and the risks involved in financial planning.

This course will help you

  • Find a Life Insurance policy or an Annuity contract that meets your needs and fits your budget.
  • Decide How Much Life Insurance You Need.
  • Make Informed Decisions When You Buy a Life Insurance Policy or an Annuity Contract.
  • Understand what is Life Insurance and Annuity.
  • Understand the difference between Life insurance and Annuities
  • Understand different types of Life insurance and Annuities.
  • Understand fees associated with Life Insurance and Annuities.
  • Understand how to access policy loans.
  • Understand how to access cash values.
  • Understand how to claim a death benefit
  • Understand how to choose a financially stable insurance company.
  • Understand how to claim an Insurance or an Annuity cash value if an Insurance company goes bankrupt.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wants to learn about Life Insurance and Annuities
  • People who wants to purchase Life Insurance or Annuities
  • Life Insurance Vs Annuities


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