Lifestyle Product Photography – How to Take Images Brands Will Love!

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About This Class
Welcome to Lifestyle Product Photography: How to Take Images Brands Will Love!

In this class, you will learn everything you need from conception, preparation, to executing the shoot to create images that will get you a lot of attention from brands and companies!


This is not just your simple how-to take a great-looking photo class. You will learn how to take a product, build a concept from that, gather necessary materials including props and backgrounds, and how to light the image to get the best results possible.

It’s ideal if you have some photography experience upon entering this course, however, if you’re just picking up a camera, you will learn A LOT throughout this class. If you are a seasoned photographer, you will gain a lot of knowledge on how to take an amazing product photograph as well as how to gear it towards what brands are looking for.

At the end of this class you will walk away:

The knowledge of how to conceptualize and plan a product photoshoot
Styling and lighting secrets to make your photos POP
Best practices to make your images stand out
A brand-centric, eye-catching Lifestyle Product Photograph
It’s also worth noting, that if you take the tools and techniques from these lessons and repeat them, in no time you will have created a full portfolio of brand-focused, beautiful product imagery!

In the ever-changing digital landscape, product photography is becoming more valued than ever, and this is the class that will give you the tools to tap into a growing market. Through all the material, not only will you learn what it takes to make a compelling image, but you will also gain the confidence to build a photo from the ground up.

With all that in mind, if you have been looking to dive in and level up your product photography in a way that brands will notice, you have come to the right place!


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