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It’s unusual to find a lot of science in dating programs. It’s a definite weakness in this area. People often rely on their experience of results, on what they’ve seen their clients do well with. The issue with that is it lacks a clear explanation of the mechanism for what works – and thus it makes it a little bit harder to teach.

People, like you, like me even, resist ideas we don’t clearly understand. We need to know why they work.

David is exceptionally well read in this area. His academic background has given him an affinity for looking at science and using it and applying it in his programs. In this program he does a few great things to bridge the gap between science (which is usually difficult to understand or apply) and applying knowledge to transform men’s lives:

  • Focuses on uncomfortable discoveries from science that men resist: Science highlights truth. And rather than just discuss science for science’s sake, he talks about it and emphasizes it where it’s a tough area to get across to students. There are ideas that students really resist – and that is one of the hardest parts of our jobs. When someone refuses to accept the truth, you can’t help him. David does a great job of digging down into science just where it matters to force you to acknowledge the uncomfortable truths. If he did this for more than the essential it would become more tedious and harder to listen to – so he does a good job of managing that to keep you engaged
  • Translates the science into many case studies, examples that guys can relate to in their lives.
  • Walks you through the actual studies in layman’s terms so you can understand why this is something you need to accept.
  • Follows up with a practical actionable takeaway based on the science. Not leaving it as just a useful idea to think about, but translating it into action.
  • Further reading is also given as homework in the form of the original books and papers for those who want it.
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Limitless, FreeTuts Download

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