Fundamentals of Sustainable Supply Chains


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Sustainability is a major concern across all realms of commerce these days.And as it turns out, the majority of greenhouse gas emissions are found in the supply chain: Product sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery have a huge impact on air, soil, and water. So when it comes to sustainability, it’s largely the responsibility of supply chain professionals to identify areas of impact where small changes can make a big difference. In this course, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey shares case studies, real world examples, and lessons from her 20 years of experience to give you practical advice on what you need to do to start building an effective and measurable sustainability plan that your whole business buys into. As Sarah shows, a thorough sustainability program won’t only have a positive environmental impact, it also touches on areas like human rights, ethical labor practices, and anti-corruption. Plus, it can reduce costs, create efficiency, mitigate risk, and increase brand value.

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  • Sarah Barnes-Humphrey Founder of Let’s Talk Supply Chain (Digital Media)🎙 Co-Founder of 🎤 Host of Blended Podcast (newest convo in DEI) 🗞 Author “Fundamentals of Sustainable Supply Chains”

    Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a supply chain expert and podcast host.

    Sarah is the founder and host of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast, a weekly podcast where she interviews the top innovators and supply chain professionals in the industry. She has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics fields, and is the CEO of SHIPZ, an online transportation booking platform for international freight that helps importers and exporters move their products easily and more efficiently to grow their business outside their borders.



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