How to Have Fewer, Better Meetings


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There are very few absolutes in the world, but it is very likely that no one has ever exclaimed “Oh boy, more meetings!” While it is often important to gather teams and coworkers together to set goals and give status updates, meetings are certainly one area where quality should be stressed over quantity. How many meetings have you attended where the information was redundant, or worse, totally irrelevant to your work? How many meetings have you sat through with no engagement or participation? In this course, Kevan Hall and Alan Hall, authors of, Kill Bad Meetings, show you a systematic process for cutting out at least 50% of unnecessary meetings and designing better, more successful ones. They’ll show you the skills needed to improve the relevance of meeting topics, while increasing meeting engagement and participation. You may think of meetings as a necessary evil, but Kevan and Alan show you that some meetings aren’t even necessary, and those that are needn’t be evil.

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