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It can be tempting to skimp on regular system maintenance once your computer is up and running. That said, it’s essential to keep tabs on your machine, and check to see if there are any security problems you should address, and whether your computer is keeping up with its tasks. In this course, dive into the basics of Linux system maintenance. Instructor Scott Simpson explains how to approach any Linux system, to help you get your bearings if a system looks unfamiliar. He also covers system and security logs, troubleshooting the boot process, upgrading software, freeing disk space, and automating reports with scripting.


  • Scott Simpson Learn. Build. Teach.

    Scott Simpson has a master’s in education and currently creates technology courses as an author at LinkedIn.


    Scott has been interested in computers since he was about seven years old, and for most of that time, he’s been teaching friends, family, and strangers how to use them. This geeky hobby turned into a job with Apple during college, and after completing his master’s degree in education at San Diego State University, he has helped to shape the Developer segment here at as a content producer. Scott enjoys building web apps and exploring new technologies. He can be found on Twitter at @scotty82.

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