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Have you ever taken too long to make a decision or worried about making the wrong choice? If this sounds familiar, you’ve experienced falling into a decision-making trap. In this course taught by leadership expert Michael Veltri, he shares his proven tips to help you avoid falling into these traps. First, Michael reviews some of the common challenges you face when making a decision, such as being distracted or getting bogged down in the details. He then shares his methods for unclogging your decision-making arteries, and how to get clarity on decisions in a timely manner. From there, Michael guides you through methods to reach decisions faster, and to feel confident about the decisions you make. Finally, Michael reviews making high-stakes decisions, creating opportunities, and continuing the momentum once a decision is made. If you’re looking to make smarter, more impactful decisions with ease, join Michael in this course.

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  • Michael Veltri Leadership Expert + Nationwide Bestselling Author

    Michael Veltri is a leadership expert, battle-hardened business executive, and best-selling author.

    Recognizing that success is created by the daily decisions we make, Michael fuel-injects leadership and improves business performance through better decision-making practices. From ancient Japanese warriors to brain science, Michael tapped wide-ranging resources to develop a new model for better decision-making that leads to exponential leadership growth with balance, not burnout.

    Michael is also a cancer survivor, decorated US Marine veteran, and master-instructor in Japanese martial arts. He brings his business savvy, martial arts discipline, and Marine Corps leadership to every keynote speech and corporate engagement, inspiring audiences worldwide.

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