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One of the key aspects to success at work—besides the actual work you do—is how you present yourself. What you do and what you say can have a big impact on the way your colleagues and bosses see you and interact with you. There’s no one correct way to present yourself at work—everyone has different communication styles and preferences—but there are some strategies that work better than others. In this course, Carolyn Goerner teaches how to effectively share yourself and your strengths at work, to help you develop positive relationships and be seen in the best light. Carolyn starts by showing how you can discover your best self to create emotional readiness for this journey. She then explores the proper times to communicate your best self, and common pitfalls to avoid, along with how to differentiate self-promotion from bragging. Carolyn also covers best practices for special circumstances like job interviews or virtual environments, and strategies to build rapport.


  • Carolyn Goerner Professor. Leadership and Development Expert. Negotiation Guru. LinkedIn Learning Instructor. Author.

    Dr. Carolyn Goerner in a professor at Kelley School of Business and the founder of Practical Paradigms.


    Starting with a 10 year stretch as a human resources manager and HR consultant, completing an MA in communication (Indiana University – Bloomington), moving on to obtain a PhD in management and human resources (The Ohio State University, The Fisher College of Business), then joining the faculty of Indiana University – Bloomington and rising to the rank of Clinical Professor at the Kelley School of Business, Dr. Goerner’s entire professional career has been geared towards providing cutting-edge professional education. As she enters her 29th year of teaching at IU, Practical Paradigms is the newest addition to her professional life.

    Practical Paradigms offers custom training and development programs for clients such as Walgreens, Cognizant, Hewlett-Packard, Berry Global, Chapman & Cutler, and Boston Scientific. Current course offerings include Leadership Skills for Women, Influence Without Authority, Managing Across Generations for Millennials, Developing Negotiation Skills, and Myers–Briggs for Individuals and Teams. The company is the culmination of years of work and passion for Dr. Goerner.

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