Linux Ethical Hacker



What you’ll learn

  • Mastery of Linux , Scripting and Ethical Hacking Techniques


  • Must have 4GB Laptop or Desktop and high speed internet

Looking to jump start your cyber security career or want to satisfy your curiosity in the ethical hacking realm. This is the course to take. This is a very deep look at the Linux system fundamentals and how to properly use the command terminal all while learning Black Hat ideals and how they can exploit your system . You will be adopting black hat and white hat techniques in this ethical hacking course, learning from using the command line ,bash scripting , managing your system,learning file permissions ,covering your tracks and creating your own tools . We will begin with the fundamentals of the Linux System. We will tackle more in depth topics such as manipulating texts, managing user variables ,permissions and controlling files. You will learn to cover your tracks with bash scripting, changing your network information,and manipulating the rsyslog logging utility. You will learn to write a tool to scan for network connections, and connect and listen to wireless networks. Taking this course will take you from beginner to a very adept ethical hacker and can be used to prepare for the Comptia Linux Certification Course as extra practice. Hacking is a complex technique and takes time and dedication to master.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate cyber students

I began my journey in cyber security in my mid twenties and self-taught mostly through cyber gurus ,books and learning code sources from many online authors. Gained my cyber certifications through Comptia . In pursuit of higher certifications . I have a great passion helping others , teaching others of my journey in the cyber world . I worked with many private clients and businesses to secure their networks, participate in bug bounties . What started out as a hobby became my favorite career and always excited for new challenges and to test my creativity in the cyber realm of tomorrow. I started out my company Genesis Cyber Solutions .LLC and work with a nonprofit in the cyber program for the state of Florida .I feel honored to teach others responsibility and use of this great in demand skills sought after by professionals and employers alike.

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