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Linux is a term that we are hearing more often lately, but what is it? In this course, instructor Grant McWilliams explains what Linux is and how it differs from other operating systems, then walks through how to install it to a virtual machine and use it. Grant tells you about Linux and its history and gives you an overview of the versions—called distributions—of Linux that are available. He goes over virtualization, including how to install VirtualBox and create a virtual machine in VirtualBox. Once you’ve created and optimized your virtual machine, Grant steps through installing and configuring Enterprise Linux, including the GNOME 3 desktop. He concludes with useful advice on how you can install popular software from third-party repositories in Linux and how you can customize your GNOME 3 desktop.


  • Grant McWilliams Author at LinkedIn

    Grant McWilliams is a consultant, speaker, writer, professor, and developer specializing in Linux and open source.

    He’s been a college professor for 15 years teaching at Bellevue College, Shoreline Community College, and Edmonds Community College. He’s also provided custom training and curriculum for Boeing, Panasonic, Thales, and many other Fortune 500 corporations. His training focuses entirely on open-source and Linux technologies.

    His consulting company, Sound Linux Training and Consulting, has been in business for 25 years and specializes in creating custom solutions using open-source technologies. These have included Linux-based in-flight entertainment systems and massively scaled Xen hypervisor near-embedded platforms, as well as cloud, virtual and physical security scanning, and penetration testing appliances.

    His public speaking engagements include LinuxCon (New Orleans, 2013), Xen Project User Summit (NYC, 2014), and LinuxFest Northwest (Bellingham, WA, 2004–2011). His technical writing and editing achievements include writing documentation and man pages for Citrix XenServer via the Xenapi Admin Project.

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