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Lists and Tuples in Python 1

Lists and Tuples in Python   Free Tutorial Download

Python Lists

In short, a list is a collection of arbitrary objects, somewhat akin to an array in many other programming languages but more flexible. Lists are defined in Python by enclosing a comma-separated sequence of objects in square brackets ([]), as shown below:

The important characteristics of Python lists are as follows:

  • Lists are ordered.
  • Lists can contain any arbitrary objects.
  • List elements can be accessed by index.
  • Lists can be nested to arbitrary depth.
  • Lists are mutable.
  • Lists are dynamic.

Each of these features is examined in more detail below.

Lists Are Ordered

A list is not merely a collection of objects. It is an ordered collection of objects. The order in which you specify the elements when you define a list is an innate characteristic of that list and is maintained for that list’s lifetime. (You will see a Python data type that is not ordered in the next tutorial on dictionaries.)

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