Loop-Based EDM Production in Cubase


About This Class
If you are looking for a better strategy/workflow for EDM production, then this course is perfect for you! Cubase offers producers a number of valuable construction kits, editing tools and compositional features for rapidly creating EDM style tracks.

My name is Will and I’ve been using Cubase for 15+ years to produce music in a variety of genres for commercial and personal projects. As Cubase’s feature set has expanded, I’ve refined my workflow to make use of Cubase’s suite of tools. In this course, I’ll share my insights for rapidly producing music using Cubase tools including:

Groove Agent SE & Beat Designer
Chord Tracks
Arranger Tracks
Mixing VSTs & Automation
This course offers tips and best practices for EDM style music production. Together, we’ll be produce a track (from beginning to end) and develop a strategy that facilitates creativity and keeps the process fun! This course is intended for motivated beginners and intermediate producers. The lessons assume that students will have some degree of familiarity with Cubase and general audio recording/editing concepts. Plus, I’ll share some of my mixing tips and techniques for making loop-based productions unique (and my own) by relying on intermediate features of Cubase to compose and organize our production.

If you’re using Cubase to produce EDM and you’d like to use more of Cubase’s feature to make music in a fast, fun way this course is for you… Thanks for checking it out and I look forward to seeing you in the course!

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