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Mac OS X Lion might sound like a dry and boring series, but it’s not! The author, Yvonne Johnson, handles each topic in an interesting, and sometimes humorous way, sharing many personal tips along the way from her decades of experience as both a computer user and teacher. Her engaging style makes it easy for you to learn the ins and outs of Lion, and you never know what famous (or scary) person she might include in her videos.

The video series begins with an introduction to Lion, its applications and utilities, and a look at some of its major new features-Full Screen, Launchpad, Mission Control, and AutoSave and Resume, to name a few. Then the series covers ways to customize your Mac so it works for you. This includes customizing the desktop, Dock, Launchpad, and Dashboard; setting preferences for the system itself; and setting up user accounts if you share your mac with other users. 

Several lessons cover the Finder and how to work with files and drives as well as how to use Time Machine to backup your system and restore files. In this section, you also learn how to use the powerful Spotlight search feature to perform some tasks that might surprise you, but are guaranteed to help you save time.

The rest of the series is devoted to covering the major functions of the major applications, including the App Store, Safari, Address Book, iCal, Mail, iChat, FaceTime, TextEdit, iTunes, Photo Booth, Preview, and QuickTime Player. The instruction material for most of these applications is divided into several lessons so you can easily digest the concepts and topics that are covered in a single video.


Manufacturer: Layvlsns / Livelessons 

English name: Livelessons Mac OS X Lion 

language of instruction: English 

Lecturer: Yvonne Johnson 

educational levels: primary, secondary 

training time: 7 hours + 29 minutes 

File size: 4850 MB

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