Make 20 React Apps (Updated 10 – 2020) Free Download
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Make 20 React Apps (Updated 10 - 2020) 1

 Make 20 React Apps (Updated 10 – 2020)   Free Tutorial Download

What will you learn?

This course is built fully in React Hooks for React in 2020 and beyond. You’ll work with:
✅ React templating with JSX
✅ React Hooks:
⚛️ useState()
⚛️ useEffect()
⚛️ useCallback()
⚛️ useContext()
⚛️ useRef()
⚛️ useReducer()
✅ Custom React Hooks
✅ Routing
✅ Authentication
✅ State management
✅ Rendering
✅ Component communication with props

Who is this for?

This course is for beginner-intermediate developers that want to learn by building.

It’s great for those that have some React knowledge but want to create real-world code.

🧐 They always say “build to learn”. They never say what to build! These 20 apps are fun projects that will introduce us to coding scenarios that we’ll encounter in many React apps.

Not sure if you’ll like the course? Full refund if you end up not liking anything.

Download  Make 20 React Apps (Updated 10 – 2020)  Free

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