Making a Minimal Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator


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Into this class we’re creating a minimal vector portrait in Adobe Illustrator.

During the class we’re gonna be tracing a reference picture and working with the simple shapes (Ellipse & Rectangle) and a bunch of tools, such as Pen & Anchor point tools, Shape Builder & Eyedropper tools to create a nice looking illustration.

In the project and resource tab, you can find the file called “Color scheme” with all the swatches that were used during the class and that you can apply to your picture.

You can find the reference photograph you would like to convert into the artwork on the free stock websites, such as, or Or if you want to take the image that was used in this class, check out the project and resource tab.

As the result you’ll learn how to use the different tools of Adobe Illustrator, and will be able to make a minimalistic portrait of yourself or your loved ones. Or, at least, create a modern illustration and use it as a sticker, postcard, some digital product or whatever you want.

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