Master Chemistry Course-Solutions in Chemistry Free Download
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Master Chemistry Course-Solutions in Chemistry, FreeTuts Download

 Master Chemistry Course-Solutions in Chemistry   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to calculate concentration units which are most often used in all fields of chemistry
  • became master in solution chemistry
  • know exactly what are uses of concentration units
  • Know exactly what are solutions
  • Know about types of solutions
  • Know about types of solute and solvents
  • This course is very simple


  • You should have mobile phone, laptop or desktop pc with internet connection
  • All level students can avail this course
  • I will walk through step by step for your better understanding about course


Welcome to this course, the only course where you can know about solutions and concentration units which are most often used in all fields of chemistry. This course will teach you each and every thing related to solutions in chemistry and concentration units which you need to know became expert in solution chemistryConcentration is the measure of how much substance is needed to mixed with another substance. As concentration units may be expressed qualitatively and quantitively.

Throughout this course will cover all below mentioned topics:

Introduction to solutions

Types of solute and solvent

Homogeneous & Heterogeneous solutions

Saturated, Unsaturated & Supersaturated solutions

Aqueous & Non-Aqueous solutions

Definition of concentration

Concentration of solutions

Concentration units

Molarity (M)

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Molality (m)

Mole fraction (X)

Normality (N)

Parts per million (ppm)

Parts per billion (ppb)

Percent solutions %

You will learn all these concentration units with quiz

Molarity (M)

Molality (m)

Mole Fraction (X)

Normality (N)

Parts per million (ppm)

Parts per billion (ppb)

Percent solutions

Weight / Weight %

Weight / Volume %

Volume / Volume %

Who this course is for:

  • All level students can avail this course
  • Enroll in this course will help you to calculate concentrations units with easy tricks and build strong concept of solutions in chemistry


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