Master Class – Multithreading & Thread Synchronization in C Free Download
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Master Class – Multithreading & Thread Synchronization in C, FreeTuts Download

  Master Class – Multithreading & Thread Synchronization in C Free Tutorial Download

Linux POSIX Threads ( Pthreads ), thread Synchronization, Operating System Concepts, C/C++ programming with Projects

What you’ll learn

  • MultiThreading Fundamentals
  • Concurrency
  • Mutual Exclusion Vs Atomocity
  • Thread Synchronization Techniques
  • Writing Thread Safe Codes
  • Thread standard problems – Reader-Writer Problem
  • Mutexes, Semaphores, Monitors
  • Signaling and Wait
  • Detecting and preventing locks
  • Debugging multithreaded Programs
  • Interview Questions


  • C language is MUST
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • Zeal to learn and excel
  • Enthusiasm to write lots of Code


Welcome to the Course Series on Multi-Threading – The Master Class Course on Threads.


This course is for those who want to develop fundamental concepts on Multi-threading and related concepts. In this course, we shall be going to cover Multi-threading concepts based on Pthreads (POSIX threads) on the Linux platform.

We shall discuss several concepts involved in multithreading and demonstrate each concept through a sample program. Several Important Concepts include but not limited to – Deadlocks, Mutual Exclusion, Atomicity, Thread Synchronization, Race Conditions, Thread forking, and many more.

In the Next Installment of this course, we shall extend our knowledge of Multi-threading to Advance Concepts which also include mini-projects on Multithreading and Thread Synchronization.

At each stage of this Course series, you shall be writing a lot of multi-threaded Codes. So be ready to Master the Multi-threading. Along the journey, we shall cover several interview-favorite topics and Questions to prepare you alongside for interviews.

Best of luck!

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Table Of Contents:

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1. Understanding Threads

  • Thread Creation & Termination
  • Race condition on Thread Creation
  • Passing Argument to Thread Function
  • Stack Memory Mgmt for Multi-threaded Programs
  • Thread Scheduling

2. Understanding Concurrency and Parallelism

  • Singlularism Vs Concurrency Vs Parallelism
  • Concurrent Process Design – 2 Examples
  • Threads as Light Weighted Process
  • Overlapping and Non-Overlapping Work

3. Joinable and Detached Threads

  • Joinable Vs Detached Threads
  • How to Join a thread
  • Whom to Join?
  • Sample – Map-Reduce Program

4. Inter Thread Communication

  • Understanding Callbacks and Function Pointers
  • Best way to implement ITC
  • Implementing Notification Chains
    • A Publisher Subscriber Model
    • How to Subscribe/UnSubscribe
    • How to send Notification to Subscribers

5. Asynchronous Thread Cancellation

  • Thread Cancellation
  • Asynchronous and Deferred Thread Cancellation
  • Problem with Async Thread Cancellation
    • Resource Leaking
    • Invariants
    • Deadlocks
  • Concept of Thread Cleanup Handlers
    • Prevent Resource Leaking
    • Data Structure Corruption – Invariants
    • Cancellation causing Deadlocks

6. Deferred Cancellation

  • Understanding Deferred Cancellation
  • Implementation

7. Listener Threads – Responsibility Delegation

  • Why Listener threads?
  • Designing Listener threads
  • Code Changes and Demo
  • Cancellation of blocked Threads

Master Class – Multithreading & Thread Synchronization in C, FreeTuts Download

Download  Master Class – Multithreading & Thread Synchronization in C  Free

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