Master Qt5 GUI for Python Fundamentals 2019 – Tutorial on Qt5 GUI for Python

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PyQt is one of the best cross-platform interface toolkits currently available; It’s stable, mature, and completely native. If you want control over all aspects of UI elements, PyQt is what you need. This course will guide you through every concept necessary to create fully functional GUI applications using PyQt, with only a few lines of code. 

This course will guide you in using Qt Designer to design user interfaces and implementation and testing dialogs, events, the clipboard, and drag and drop functionality to customize your GUI. You will learn a variety of topics, such as look and feel customization and more. You will be able to develop functional and appealing software using PyQt through interesting and fun recipes that will expand your knowledge of GUIs.


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English Name: Udemy Master Qt5 GUI for python fundamentals 2019 

Persian name: Qiot 5 Mastering Qi Yi UI for Python 

Language: English 

Teacher: Hatim M. Sougraty 

Level of training: Elementary, Secondary 

Time of training: 2 Clock + 

File size: 1100 MB 

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