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I’m a motion designer, Hebrew tutor, and video editor.

I am a native Israeli-born Hebrew speaker.

I have started my journey as an online Hebrew tutor on a platform called italki back in 2018.

I have taught over 2000 hours of one-on-one Hebrew lessons to over 200 students of different levels of Hebrew proficiency.

Most of them were complete beginners, that I had to teach Hebrew from scratch.

After I have taught them the AlefBet, I had to start teaching them to speak Hebrew and help them improve their reading and writing abilities.

By the way, If you wish to have a one-on-one lesson with me, you can check the website link next to the bio and book an online appointment with me at any time that works for you.

Throughout my tutoring career, I have developed a unique, structured, methodological way of teaching beginners not just to read and write in Hebrew, but also to speak correct Hebrew.

The concept is simple. It is all about learning small portions of grammar and putting them into immediate use.

Recently, I have decided to start creating courses to share my knowledge with the world.

The Hebrew courses (or Hebrew training programs, as my students like to call them) are 100% student success oriented. For the most part, the content of my slide presentations and videos are speaking exercises, that are meant to enhance the student’s active speaking skills. I have also created pdf files with written exercises for every topic taught in the videos. Therefore, students are not just practicing their speaking skills, but also their reading and writing skills.

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I have also been doing motion graphics for myself, my clients, and my YouTube subscribers for over three years now.

So here I am now sharing my knowledge with the world.

My approach is to take the knowledge that I have acquired over the years and share it with those who are passionate about Hebrew and the world of video graphics as much as I am.

My goal is to make all of the students satisfied, and pleased with my lessons.



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