Master the secrets of effective communication with your kids


Hi, I’m Katharina, working mom of two wonderful school-age girls, living in Germany. I am here to show you how to talk to your kids to make them listen and engage, to stop the never ending tantrums and to make the whole family feel relaxed and even closer than before.

A couple of years ago I was really struggling as a mother:

– I loved my kids more than I could possibly say but they kept driving me crazy.

– I felt unable to take control of our everyday life and make it peaceful.

– I also felt like a failure: while other mothers chatted pleasantly over a latte about how their kids always listened and did as they were told, I was chasing after mine wishing for bedtime to start in the early afternoon.

– Other challenges like moving to a new city, commuting to a job every day and marriage problems didn’t make things easier either.

Then, when I was really desperate for help, I finally stumbled across nonviolent communication or NVC. It took me almost four years of reading and practicing and going to workshops to make it work for my family.

But now it works. This is how our life looks like today:

– I am able to resolve conflicts that always got stuck before

– I understand my children and what they are feeling and thinking so much better and I know how I can help them

– We have so much more cuddle and play time and less tears

– I feel relaxed and calm and rarely ever have to raise my voice

– Sometimes I even feel like the best mother in the world!

Now I am so excited to give you a shortcut to my success. I want you to make progress fast avoiding the mistakes that I made. That’s why I have designed the course that I was lacking and needed when I first started practicing NVC. I can’t wait to meet you inside and share my secrets with you!

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