Mastering Manual – Take Your Camera Off Auto Free Download
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Mastering Manual – Take Your Camera Off Auto, FreeTuts Download

  Mastering Manual – Take Your Camera Off Auto Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to use the Manual Mode on your Camera
  • How a Camera Works
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Shutter Priority
  • Aperture Priority
  • How to get Perfect Exposure


  • Have a Camera, this is a practical course


It’s time to take control of your camera!

You Need This Beginners Photography Course If:

  • You are new to photography and want to learn how to use the manual functions
  • You have had a camera for ages but have never taken it off AUTO
  • You are getting frustrated with the photos you are getting on AUTO
  • You have been misled into believing that using manual modes is difficult

Beginners Photography Course Content:

This course focuses only on the things you need to know to use the manual mode on your camera, all of the waffle is cut out.

It includes:

  • How a camera works – laying the foundations
  • The keys to great exposure
  • ISO … stop being so sensitive….
  • Exposure: to blur or not to blur
  • Aperture / Depth of Field (f-stops)
  • Aperture Priority mode – get great portraits and landscapes
  • Shutter Priority mode – freeze or blur those moving subjects
  • Manual mode – you are fully in control

It is Easier Than it Sounds…

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That list may seem daunting but I will take you through it in such a way with fun practical exercises that will make it really easy to understand. I will only be covering the theory needed to master the manual mode on your camera. All the rest of the waffle has been cut out.

Some people like to make photography sound complicated but it really is not. I use simple language and fun examples and exercises to explain what you need to know.

Keeping it Simple

This is a beginner’s photography course, designed to take you from zero to hero. It is not a course for experts or even intermediates, we do not go into that level of complexity.

Tried & Tested Beginners Photography Training

This course has been tried, tested and refined based on the feedback of my coaching clients to ensure that by the end of this course you are confidently using the manual mode on your camera.

I hope you are excited to be learning how to get the most out of your digital camera, I am excited to be the one who is going to be teaching you.

I have boiled down everything that you need to know into easily understood plain English. The exercises have been designed to help you practice the techniques and to understand the key concepts. The exercises build on each other, so be sure to do them in the right order.

This course is designed for people with any type of digital camera including Compacts, Bridge and Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (also known as Digital SLR or DSLR).

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Why Take This Beginners Photography Course?

I am not going to pretend to know you or know what is motivating you to take great photographs. However, something has brought you to this website. Perhaps:

  • You are going on the trip of a life time and want to capture the memories
  • You want to take great photos of loved ones
  • You are attending a special event such as a family wedding
  • You want a career in photography
  • You want a new hobby

No matter your reason, this course will get you mastering the manual mode on your camera and finally understanding photography.

Something For Every Learning Style

We all learn in different ways, some of us by reading, others by watching, many by doing or a combination of all three. That is why with this course you get:

  1. A full set of course videos for you to watch that explains everything.
  2. A complete course book for you to read with everything you need written down. This is a great reference book that you can keep referring back to.
  3. Lots of fun and simple exercises for you to do, to make sure you really understand what I am teaching you.
  4. “A picture paints a thousand words”, there are loads of photos, diagrams and tables.
  5. A complete set of the handouts that I use with my 1-2-1 clients.
  6. My special ‘Knowledge Checker’ quiz that helps you identify areas that you need to go back over to complete your learning.
  7. The course is yours to keep forever and go through as many times as you like – no extra charge.
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Take this course now.

Who this course is for:

  • Photography beginners

Mastering Manual – Take Your Camera Off Auto, FreeTuts Download

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